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With a vision statement of empowering your business & the people who drive it Aloft Careers, established in 2016, offers simple and cost-effective consultancy to its clients, and has a rich experience in industries such as technology, knowledge services, banking, financial services and insurance. We have a wide array of clientele including MNCs, SMEs, educational institutions, and government firms. We hires talent for its clients in corporate roles, HR, finance, sales and marketing. Aloft Careers provides strategic advice in the areas of executive search, recruitment process, outsourcing, talent acquisition strategy, university recruitment and International Industrial Visit Programmes.

Our Vision

“The best value providers of quality individualized talent management expertise solutions to drive business performance through our continuous efforts of research, analysis and contact interaction”

Our Mission

"Our mission is to develop and deliver innovative and diverse ideas integrated Talent Management Solutions to our clients and associates with highest possible value” “To attract, recruit, train and retain the inspiring leaders/professionals and help them grow both personally and professionally.”

Message From CEO Desk

To all the future young trunk managers, “A Clear Vision, Backed by definite plans, gives you a Tremendous feeling of confidence & personal power.” Talking about the time, when I was pursuing my MBA I remember that in my initial semester I had keen interest in finance but later on I was inclined towards marketing stream. I found out that the lack of opportunities & corporate exposure results in creating the bubbles of confusion in student’s life. Learning from my experience & the feedback I have been receiving in the past from the CRC’s & the students, we have learned that we need to bridge the gap not only with the domestic exposure but also by providing International Exposure because the current time is all about the Big Giants & MNCs.

So we have come up with a new initiative programme, “International Internship and Placements” A platform where students will get a chance to exchange their views with and gain experience working under Sr. Managers of various corporate houses in Dubai, Russia, Singapore, and many more countries, thus knowing about the dynamics of international economy and work processes.

Students will get a chance to experience the cross-boundary work culture by visiting a few international big giants also, learn how corporates internationally implement their strategies and execute their plans, which will provide a value-add to our students in the following ways:

• Learn to face the cross-cultural challenges.
• Learn to overcome multi-lingual obstacles.
• Boost their confidence, knowledge & help them move ahead of their counterparts.
• Understand global market trends throughinternational market surveys.